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I want to let you know that the cruelty and selfishness the people who might have abused you in your time of need has not gone unnoticed. No matter where you take shelter, people are aware of the unacceptable conditions you have endured, and it is not unknown that some might have tried to take advantage of your vulnerability to make money. I can assure you that the authority of your new home do not intend to use you, and no matter how many times you have experienced racism and ignorance, you must not let it generalize your perception of the citizens in the country you are staying in, for we many worried people do not wish for a cultural clash. All we hope for a bright future for all of you and hope to be able to put any differences aside in desperate times like these, no matter how big the differences might be. There will be resistance, and hard times are most certainly not over until you feel completely safe, but I want to remind you that all who are sensible want you to not only survive and make it through this crisis, but also to feel respected even though we might still need to meet a certain level of integration from all cultures before it prevents further prejudice. Kindest regards on behalf of every hoping heart.