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I am desperately sad that you find yourselves, as human beings living a life so different just because of where you were born and what governments dictate. There are no borders from space and the resources that they fight over belong to the earth, not to any one company. I am sad that you can not kiss your babies good night, just as I do mine. I am mindful of that every morning and every night when I put my daughter to bed. I wish there was more I could say to let you know how much I empathize with you. The situation you find yourself in could easily be any one of us, but for our place of origin. I will for the war to stop soon, for peace to come and know that even when it does, you will never forget the sights, sounds and hardship you have found yourselves in. It’s little comfort, I know, but please know there are hundreds and thousands of us who care deeply for you and your situation. That fight and protest to protect you, from one human being to another. You are naturally welcome to the part of the world we live in. It is a pleasure to have you here, even if the circumstances that brought you here were far from ideal. I can not begin to imagine the things you have witnessed, the sadness you have felt and the desperation in your head and heart. But I want you to know that good people care about you and are supportive of you and your families. May each and everyone of you be reunited with family that have been lucky enough to make it out alive, and may you find some peace that those that didn’t are with you in each and every heart beat, giving you strength to carry on and rise up with strength and pride to be who you are. I am truly humbled to offer my support and effort to reunite you with loved ones and life.