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Welcome to England! The journey you have went through to get here comes with great admiration from me, you have risked everything to come to this country to be safe, to be happy. I have to tell you my 5 tips For surviving in new country where everything is so different. 1 be confident, as it is may seem like a strange environment and culture, the key is to be confident and be who you truly are. 2 be proud of your self, the amount of pain you may have gone through to get here is unimaginable so look at how far you have come, reflect back to the old circumstances and see the new life that you are creating for yourself. 3 don’t give up, by this I mean go for what you want, do not be discouraged by how long it may take to your goal just be patient and wait for your success and if you’re a spiritual person pray everyday for you goal and in turn you will achieve it with countless opportunities. 4, work hard, the struggle you went through is difficult but it’s going to be an even more of a difficult struggle being in England as you have to get the right qualifications and then you get the house and the job but the key for this recipe is to always work hard even if at times it may seem difficult. 5, don’t be afraid, there are so many mean people so don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, don’t be afraid to achieve greatness, don’t be afraid of the freedom that you have be happy, be free. You will be okay.