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Welcome to the UK, welcome to Europe! I’m glad you arrived here safely. I hope your families are safe too. You must miss your homes, and for many of you the images in your heads based on the things you’ve seen at home and on your way here must be dreadful. But there are reasons why you had to leave and why you sacrificed so much to get here. And you arrived in a good place! This is a great country with great opportunities for all of us. Despite a lot of talk about Britain not being big enough to take in many more immigrants, on a personal level this country really is very tolerant to newcomers, very open-minded and will allow you to build a very successful life if you work hard and keep an open mind too! I wish you all the very best of luck for building a life here and hope you can live here peacefully with your families! It won’t always be easy, there will be obstacles, sad days and happy days. But always remember that there are many people here like me who are happy to welcome you here and to help you with settling into the way of life here. I hope you will soon feel like Britain has become your second home and you part of British society! And if at some point some of you feel that your homes are safe enough to return to, you can always take with you that experience of having lived and belonged here in a time of need! All the best!