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Your action gives people protection.

Our supporters’ continued compassion and ongoing generosity toward people seeking sanctuary means so much to our team and everyone reached by our services, including Asha.

I am a mum of three and have been living in the asylum system for many years. It takes a lot from you to leave all you have known. You’re not always met with a friendly face or voice.

You are often met with harshness and lack of understanding. You are made to feel hopeless. You don’t know where to turn for help or who to reach out to.

I am saddened by the increasing number of people taking their own lives whilst seeking asylum.

I know all too well how your mental health can suffer. I know what it feels like to face abuse and discrimination in your own country,
and understand how the trials of the asylum process can be strenuous and punishing.

I was first introduced to Refugee Action when I heard about one of their campaigning groups. I really wanted to get involved to help them break through some of the misconceptions about refugees and people seeking asylum.

When people like me, living in the asylum system see supporters like you lobbying for us or raising money for the services we use it shows us there is light in the darkness.

I still have my struggles but now I have support systems, medication, and fortnightly therapy sessions. There’s a reason my life has been preserved and that I’m still here - I want to use my voice to help others.”

AshaExpert by Experience

Asha is the Guest Editor for this edition of the Refugee Action newsletter. Read on to find out more about Refugee Action’s work supporting Afghans, an update from one of their experts by experience and an exciting interview between Asha and Refugee Action’s head of asylum services.

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Asha will take it from here…

Spotlight: Asylum Services Manager

Do you want to learn more about how our services were designed, and what it takes to work in our services teams? Read my interview with Mary, Refugee Actions Asylum Services Manager, as she shares insight into her 20-year career with the charity, and what keeps her motivated.

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Edy’s Update

One of our experts by experience, Edy, attended a Rally last year protesting against the Anti-Refugee Bill. He wanted to share his experience and an exciting personal update with you all.

“Hi – Edy here! Some of you may remember me – to refresh your memory I am the hug man! Since the last time you heard from me things have changed drastically, but for the better. 

“I finally have refugee status. The happiness after reading my decision was indescribable – yes, I said reading – because I did not believe my solicitor until he sent me a copy of it.

“After making sure I was not dreaming, my partner and I both melted in an endless hug. I’ve now started university, I’m working for a council as a service advisor and I’m volunteering in Refugee Action’s campaigns team.

“This is a very exciting time for me, but I see how many other asylum seekers are still stuck. This is why I attended the rally protesting against the ‘Anti-Refugee’ Bill with Refugee Action.

“I went with my Refugee Action t-shirt, my giant placard and my heart saying to the government that ‘Refugees are welcome here!’

Refugee Action never left me behind and I wanted to stand with them in this moment.”