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Rachel manages the Asylum Guides programme, which recruits trained volunteers to give legal and welfare information to people going through the asylum process.

“Asylum Guides aims to increase access to justice and ensure people can receive clear information in a language they understand. It’s incredibly unsettling to be in a new country and start the asylum process, especially when you’re not given the essential tools to do so.

“For example, we supported a young Sudanese man who didn’t understand the system and experienced problems because he didn’t claim asylum straight away. We matched him with a volunteer who helped him understand the process and advised him of his rights. He felt calmer and more confident when having his asylum interview. I was happy to hear he’d been granted refugee status!”

Working to rebuild lives

Asylum Guides is just one of our projects that aims to empower people seeking safety and help them on their way to rebuilding their lives. Here’s a snapshot of two other vital services, funded with the help of kind donations from our generous supporters.

Children and families

This project in Bradford works with vulnerable families before they spiral further into crisis. We work with the families to help them overcome the problems they face on a daily basis – from finding a home or school, to dealing with banks, benefits or health issues.

Most importantly we bring families together, so they’re no longer isolated.

Nola came to Children and Families after she and her 13-year-old son Mohammed felt utterly alone and were sinking into depression. Mohammed had also been out of school for two months, because Nola didn’t understand the system.

The team found Mohammed a place at a local school and enrolled him in our At Home in Bradford project in the meantime. They also connected Nola with other families from her local community.


People seeking asylum are banned from working while they wait to get refugee status. Once it’s granted, they’ve often been out of work for months, even years, losing skills and confidence.

The Elevate team helps refugees address the many factors that make it hard to find work. They provide one-to-one support to find out what their basic needs are – which could be anything from accessing accommodation to applying for financial benefits – and give them the practical help and advice they need to overcome these issues and rebuild their confidence.

Then the expert case workers carefully support refugees to take steps to finding work – whether it’s accessing a training course, taking English lessons or completing job applications.

Refugees want nothing more than to rebuild their lives after being forced to flee for their safety. Your support is crucial in helping them on their way to leading independent lives. It's supporters like you that make the difference in these powerful stories

Safaa’s story

Safaa fled war-torn Iraq with his family to keep them safe. As part of the resettlement scheme, they were given the chance to come to the UK. It was dream come true for them after so many years of violence and hardship.

When they arrived at the airport in the UK, they were met by the Resettlement team:

“We were greeted by smiling faces – the staff and volunteers of Refugee Action; a charity of great humanity and decency.

Its workers, who I refer to as angels, helped us this past year rebuild our lives in our new home.”

The case workers supported Safaa and his family to settle into life in the UK; helping them to open up a bank account, registering their children into schools and showing them the local shops.

“Now, a year later, we feel more independent and we feel that we can continue to do things on our own with the continuous support of the people around us, who are always ready to help.”


Thank you!

To our wonderful supporters…

We’d like to say thank you to wonderful supporters like you, who help us to support vulnerable people seeking safety and enable them to rebuild their lives after the horrific atrocities they’ve been through. Whether you’ve made a donation, signed a petition, taken up a challenge event or written to your MP, we’re truly grateful for your support. You’re helping humanity to win – thank you!