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It has been a privilege to see first-hand the incredible impact
your support has on people’s lives.

Our supporters’ compassion and kindness toward people seeking safety has an incredible impact. We want to celebrate that. You have pushed us to be better, do more and ensure that refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK are protected.  

Mercy is one of those people.

“In 2019 I arrived in the UK with my husband and four children. We were forced to flee our home when our lives came under threat. 
 My family have spent that last few years navigating the trauma of leaving our home, the outbreak of COVID, lockdown and very hostile immigration policy.  

I was then introduced to the Refugee Action teamIn my home country I used to be a pastor, I still hold onto my faith and I pray that with Refugee Action by my side that things will be better.  

They have been our voice of hope. My children started attending mental well-being classes and my support network grew. Refugee Action are listening ears to people in the asylum system. 

I am using any of my skills to help and volunteer. Being a part of the Refugee Action family gives me satisfaction. It boosts my self-worth and dignity. 

I was given the opportunity to be Guest Editor for the Refugee Action newsletter. Read on to find out more out Refugee Action’s latest campaign Commit to Resettlement, I share some of my favourite craft projects for you to try and I interview new Chief Exec Tim Naor Hilton about his experiences at the charity.  

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Spotlight: Refugee Action’s New Chief Executive

What advice would you give to your past self?

Find out our Chief Executive’s answer and learn more about his favourite memories in his interview with Guest Editor Mercy. 

Read the interview

Giving families a fighting chance

Children across the UK are getting ready to meet their new teachers, try on new uniforms and reunite with friends after the summer holidays. But for many refugee children and their families this is not reality. Farida, Mercy and Saharo share their stories of being mothers in the asylum system.  

Commit to Resettlement

For the first time in two decades the UK Government has not committed to welcoming a single refugee through a resettlement programme. Refugee Action is calling on the Government to commit to resettlement. We want to see 10,000 refugees resettled per year for the long term.

Mercy’s Crafts

Mercy has spent the last few years in the asylum system. Like many people seeking asylum in the UK, she is not allowed to work. Crafting was something that Mercy started doing to keep busy. Have a go out one of Mercy’s quick and easy crafts.  

What you’ll need: 

  • PVA glue
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter powder
  • Any old vase, bottle or jam jar

Glam glitter vase 

Step 1: Use your brush to cover your bottle in glue 

Step 2: One spot at a time. Pour the powdered glitter onto the bottle. Shake off the excess. Continue until all the bottle is covered. 

Step 3: Set aside to dry. 

Step 4: Add some flowers to create a striking centrepiece. 

Here’s the final product of the vase Mercy created!


…could provide craft resources and activities sessions, like cycling classes, for children.


could support our work supporting families and advocating for school places.


could provide parents with access to child minding services when their children aren’t in school so they can attend support group sessions.